World Ski Orienteering Cup Stage 1,Junior World Ski Orienteering Championships,European Youth Ski Orienteering Championships

4 - 9 February 2020. Madona. LATVIA

Bulletin 2

Bulletin 2

Dear winter sports fans!
We are a sporty, green and flourishing town of Latvia. We are home for about 7500 inhabitants. 85% of them are Latvians and 15% are non-Latvians. Madona is located in the eastern part of Latvia, 170 km from Riga, the capital of Latvia. We live in an ecologically clean and natural environment, with the areas of European Union importance around us. It is Teiči Nature Reserve – the largest intact moss marsh of the Wetlands of International Importance in the Baltics. It is the Lubana Wetland Complex with the status of the Important Bird Area, developed by Bird Life International, and 250 bird species. These are the visually beautiful landscapes of the protected landscape area “Vestiena” and the forests of Krustakalni Nature Reserve.

Madona is one of the most popular winter recreation regions in Latvia. It is based on the durability of the snow cover and the hilly terrain, as well as the ski tracksarranged corresponding to the requirements for relaxation and competitions. The sports organizers of the Sport and Recreation Centre “Smecere ssils” can be proud of the experience of organizing Latvian, Baltic and Scandinavian, European and World championships of cross-country skiing and roller skiing, biathlon and ski orienteering sports events.The town has remarkable skiing traditions: national cross-country ski competitions have been organized in Madona since 1930, and since 1961, the Madona Sports School has a ski section with cross-country skiing and biathlon programs. This sports school has also prepared the participants of the Olympic Games in cross-country skiing and biathlon. They have brought Latvia's name in the whole wide world.

In the field of business, the town of Madona has developed into the centre providing a wide range of services. The leading manufacturing industries in Madona are wood processing and food production companies of different profiles. Travellers prefer visiting nature objects and rural tourism enterprises, participating in cultural events and sporting events, as well as discovering and enjoying the products of local producers: cheeses, caramels, berry candies and wines. I invite you to enjoy our hospitality and reach new sports records at the 2020 ski orienteering championships. See you in Latvia and Madona!
Agris Lungevičs, Chairman of Madona Municipality Council

Latvian Orienteering Federation in co-operation with the Municipality of Madona
Event Director Gunars Ikaunieks, Ildze Straume
Event Secretary Inese Purgaile

IOF Event advisers
IOF Senior Event Adviser Staffan Tunis (FIN)
National Controller Guntars Mankus (LAT)

Latvian Orienteering Federation
Grostonas iela 6b, Rīga, LV-1013, LATVIA
Inese Purgaile, phone: +371 29751855, e-mail:

Sandra Grosberga, e-mail:

Situated in north-eastern Europe with a coastline along the Baltic Sea, Latvia features a temperate climate, with average temperature in February being -6 degrees.
Madona is the host city of the competitions. It is located in the eastern part of Latvia and there are around 8000 inhabitants in Madona.

The Event Centre and Competition Centre for all days will be located in the Sports Centre “Smeceres sils”, next to the town of Madona, the driving distance from the Riga International Airport to Event Centre is 180km. In Event Centre there will be Event office, car parking, Wi-Fi, Media room, WC and transport to model available.
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Sport and recreation centre "Smeceres sils"
Lazdonas pag., Madonas nov., LV-4824
Koordinātas: 56084'15"N 26019'55"E

Program for Ski Orienteering World Cup, JWSOC and EYSOC is the same all days. Exact starting times will be announced in Bulletin 3.
Monday, February 3 Model
Tuesday, February 4 Sprint
Wednesday, February 5 Long distance
Thursday, February 6 Rest day
Friday, February 7 Middle distance (Mass start)
Saturday, February 8 Relay
Sunday, February 9 Departure
All competitors represent a National Federation. A competitor may represent only one National Federation during any one 12-month period running from November to October. Competitors shall have full passport holding citizenship of the country of the National Federation they are representing.
If a federation is unable to make up full relay teams, it may form incomplete teams or teams with competitors from other federations. The results of incomplete teams and teams with competitors from more than one Federation are not considered in determining the placings in relay competitions.
Under no circumstances may persons, other than competitors entered for the competition, participate in the competition.
Ski Orienteering WCUP
WCup has 2 classes – men and women.
A federation may enter a team of unlimited number of competitiors and officials. However, on each individual competition, every federation may enter up to 6 men and 6 women. In the relay, each federation may enter 2 teams in each class, consisting of 3 athletes.
JWSOC has 2 classes – M20 and W20, for competitors born in year 2000 or later
A federation may enter a team of up to 14 competitors, up to 7 women and 7 men. On each individual competition, every federation may enter up to 6 men and 6 women. In the relay, each federation may enter 2 teams in each class, consisting of 3 athletes.
JWSOC has 2 classes – M17 and W17, for competitors born in year 2003 or later
A federation may enter a team of unlimited number of competitiors and officials. However, on each individual competition, every federation may enter up to 6 men and 6 women. Only competitors representing member Federations of the IOF, defined by the International Olympic Committee as belonging to the European continent, can compete in EYSOC. Competitors representing other member Federations of the IOF can participate in EYSOC but will not be eligible for European titles, medals or diplomas.
In the relay, each federation may enter 2 teams in each class, consisting of 3 athletes. The EYSOC-competitors may participate in the JWSOC relay event.

All WCUP participants need a valid IOF Athlete licence.
To have a valid licence, the athlete need to sign an athlete licence form and pay an annual fee of 30 EURO. If the athlete has signed the form in previous years they don’t need to sign a new form. Payments of the annual licence fee is done in IOF Eventor, please consult the proper IOF Eventor Guide for this.
To find the rules and forms and more information, please consult: Athletes licence

Entries are to be registered by team managers via IOF Eventor.
Eventor links:

The following information is required at the latest by December 9:
1. Number of participants (men, women).
2. Number of relay teams.
3. Number of team officials.
4. Team manager’s name, address, e-mail address and mobile telephone number

The following information is required at the latest by January 26
1. Name and gender (man, woman) of the participants.
2. Names of the team officials.
Late Entries:
Late entries and changes to registered entries will be possible up until 15.00 on February 3 2020. These should be sent directly to the event organiser who will then register the details in IOF Eventor.
Fees for late entry and changes to registered entries
Entry Withdrawal of entry
10.12 - 26.01 +20% -80%
27.01 - 03.02 +50% -50%
Name change after 26.01 = 10 €

Competition fees:
Individual 50 €
Relay 120 €
Competitor accreditation fee 60 €
Team official accreditation fee 80 €
The accreditation fee for competitors covers the right to participate in the races, the model event and the banquet. The accreditation fee for team officials covers the model event, team leader meetings, competition maps, start- and result lists and the banquet.

Following the deadline for registering the number of participants and team officials (09.12.2019), the event organiser will issue invoices for accreditations, entry registration and waxing huts. Invoices should be paid in full at the latest by January 9, 2020. For changes made after this date, the payment/refund of fees is to be made at the event office upon arrival at the competitions. A penalty fee will be liable for late payments.
Bank details for payments:
Latvijas Orientesanas federacija
Bank: Luminor bank
IBAN: LV14RIKO0002013111372

reg. Nr. 40008021960
Adress: Grostonas iela 6b, Riga, LV-1013, Latvia

11-12.01 Daugavpils, Latvia Championships sprint and middle
01.-02.02 Ļaudona, Madona Cup

Accommodation is offered in several categories, with A being a good quality hotel and D being the simplest, a guest house with self service. All prices are per person, per night, including VAT. Accommodation should be booked by sending e-mail to till January 3.
A; single, full board 70 eur
A; sharing in a twin room, full board 60 eur
B; single, full board 60 eur
B; sharing in a twin room, full board 50 eur
C; sharing in a 3 or 4-bed rooms, full board 45 eur
D; bed (self-service catering available) – 15 eur
Budget accommodation with mattress on floor will be available on request.

Waxing facilities are available at the competition arena. These have electrical connections, are heated, ventilated and lockable. Cabins are 18 m², price is 550€. The indicated prices cover the full competition week and may be used by all the teams (WCup/ JWSOC/EYSOC) from the same nation. Bookings are made by sending an e-mail to Invoices will be issued together with those for the entry registration fees. Booking of waxing facilities is possible till December 9.


The highlighted area on the map above represents the orienteering map 1040-2013 (the map might have a different number) and it is embargoed until 10 February 2020 for competitors, coaches and team leaders.
The area is closed for all orienteering activities. For orienteerists skiing the artificial snow track (scheme below) is allowed until 26 January, 2020.

Smeceres sils.
A moderately hilly area with maximum height diference of 40 metres. A skiing and biathlon centre with numerous major ski tracks. 20-30% of the terrain is open and semi-open areas. On average, snow is about 30-40cm deep in February. Average temperature in February is -6 degrees.

SPORTident AIR+ punching system will be used (SIAC). More information available here

All maps are A4 size (21 x 30 cm) with a 5-metre contour interval.
Distance Map Scale
Sprint 1:5000
Long 1:15000
Middle 1:10000
Relay 1:10000
Winning times(in minutes) for each class will be according to IOF rules:
WCup women WCup men
75-90 95-100 Long distance
40-45 40-45 Middle distance
10-15 10-15 Sprint
30-35 30-35 Relay for each leg
60-65 70-75 Long distance
25-35 25-35 Middle distance
10-15 10-15 Sprint
30-35 30-35 Relay for each leg
40-45 40-45 Long distance
20-25 20-25 Middle distance
8-12 8-12 Sprint
20-25 20-25 Relay for each leg
You do not need visa if you come from EU or Schengen area country.
Other international travellers may be required to hold a Latvian visa prior to travel to Latvia, depending on your country of residence. For more information, please see the web page of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia. If you require further assistance, please send email to

The simplest way to get to Madona is either by car or by air to Riga and a rental car. There is also good public bus traffic between Riga and Madona. Timetable available at
The closest international airport is Riga, 180 km from Madona. Riga also has daily ferry connections with Stockholm and regular train connections to Moscow, Minsk and St Petersburg.
Organisers will offer a transfer bus from Riga to Madona and back if there will be demand. If you are interested, please let us know by sending request to as soon as possible but latest by December 15.
Local transport
There will be a transfer bus to model event from Event Centre and Madona. Price is 10 eur per person, please book it before January 3 at
If you need transfer from your hotel to Event centre (on competition days), please let us know before January 3 by sending your needs to

The final dates for registering entries, booking accommodation etc. are summarised in the table below. Please note that additional fees apply for late entries.
Event Deadline
Entry registration December 9
Entry registration (names) January 26
Booking accommodation January 3
Booking waxing facilities December 9
Payments January 9
Booking transfer to model January 3
Bulletin 2 (.pdf)

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